Are you ready to get eventive?

Since I was a young girl planning Barbie weddings, I have always been a planner. I love all the steps involved from creating the craziest ideas of snowboarding scavenger hunts to tea parties. Being involved in events is like summer camp to me, working long hours and having endless laughs while working hard to put on the best event possible. Now that I am involved in the business, I want to be the best event/project manager I can be and someday make my way into sports events and promotions.

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I am currently enrolled in a project management class and we are about to start a huge group project. I know it is a scary thing to think about because group projects usually mean 1 lazy football player, 1 older person that can’t figure out a computer, 1 girl that is too busy on her phone, and me doing all the work. Because of this often recurring group dynamic, I have been more apt to work alone. NO! Not in this class, I want to move past the group dynamic, become a project leader and work on a team. But what will our project be? Well after some research these are the top event trends of 2013.

1. Crowd funding- For any low budget event where ticketing is simply not feasible and sponsors are nowhere to be found, calling on the community to collectively create an event gives ownership to many people. Those people will go out and market the heck out of this event like a stage mom are her daughter’s first recital, building awareness of the event.

2.Cities have become playgrounds- In Reno, we recently had an event called Social Media Day, where a few advertising agencies and local marketing professionals came together to create a team-based Instagram scavenger hunt all around the city. Incorporating social media, mobile devices and local businesses in an event creates earned media for everyone involved.

3. Photo booths- GIRL! i have been crazy about this trend since I was little, I am glad everyone is finally catching up. You can see photo booths at graduation parties, weddings and sporting events. They are a fun, nostalgic way to engage an audience, not to mention you can link the photos to your Facebook and increase engagement in your online presence.


4. Flash Events- Many events and small businesses are being created on the spot, in a matter of one weekend. is an example of an event where attendees show up and plan and execute an event in the matter of one day.

What are some events that you have attended that you think are awesome? Let me know in the comments below.


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