During my tenure at the University of Nevada, Reno, I have had the opportunity to showcase my leadership skills, creativity, work ethic and dedication to my education through various business reports. I have included four work samples below that demonstrate my marketing and managerial skills.

Alaska Airgroup Strategic Audit

For my Fall 2012 “Strategic Management” course, our class as a whole decided to perform strategic audits on the airline industry. The chosen airlines were Southwest, Delta, American, United, and Alaska; my six person team chose to perform our audit on the Alaska Airgroup. We researched the companies financial, marketing, technological, and managerial data from their annual report and various other government sources. This research helped us to gauge Alaska in comparison to the other airlines using consulting techniques, such as BCG matrices and  EFE/IFE matrices. We then created a full business report, including all of the techniques as appendices.  After our audit, we analyzed and compiled an educated presentation about our company, which we gave to our class.

The Greenhouse IMC-Press Release

My IMC team in the Summer 2012 “Integrated Marketing Communication” course created a marketing campaign with two strategies and four tactics for a fictional business, targeting college students. During this project, I wrote a press release to go along with the opening of our “new” business. My role in this project was leader, which allowed me to participate in the creative process and compile all parts of our project into a cohesive presentation.

Employee Motivation

During my Spring 2012 ” Effective Business Writing” course, I worked with a team of four to create a business report on the topic of employee motivation. We created a survey as primary research and analyzed the thirty surveys we received. Through this, we were able to draw conclusions, in order to give recommendations for better motivation in the workplace. In our report, we were able to come to a conclusion on a way creative motivation and back our claim with primary and secondary research.

Stay on the Ball-Athletic Automation System Concept

For “Management of Information Systems” taken in Spring 2012, my team of four was tasked to identify a problem and create a way to solve it, using an information system. We created an in-depth proposal that included a cost/benefit analysis, potential solutions, and a detailed implementation process. We conceived the idea of a full automation system for the athletic department at the University of Nevada. Our project was used as an example for the next semester of students.

Lean Cuisine in Bulgaria-Feasibility Study and International Marketing Plan

During my Spring 2012 “International Marketing” course , my five person team worked to create a feasibility study and subsequently a marketing plan for introducing Lean Cuisine into Bulgaria. Our report is comprised of a cultural analysis of Bulgaria, assessing all inherent risks, as well as an extensive plan of execution for the company. My role for this project was team  leader, which allowed me to compile the final report, while motivating and guiding our team.


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